Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hi again everyone!! So, since the last blog we had ( was all about my pregnancy and everything leading up to Miss Kaylah's life, I figured I would start a new blog to update everyone on our exciting new life with Kaylah! I know a lot of you have seen most of our recent pictures and updates from Facebook, but hopefully we can keep this up to share the rest of our lives with you :)

Kaylah is 5 months old today (8.16.10)! And as I type this, she is laying on her belly on the floor (she rolled onto it herself!), talking non-stop, and chewing on the sleeve of her jammies. She is getting to be more interactive each day, and continues to amaze us with her happy, smiley, giggly personality! She loves to talk, especially as we walk down the aisles of Target - we get smiles from the other shoppers as she screams with joy and kicks her legs while flailing her arms around in her Baby Bjorn - it's so much fun!

Ryan and I are doing great as well -- for the record, people don't lie when they say a baby is hard work - but oh man is it worth it!! They also are being serious when they say "enjoy this time, it flies by" -- We feel like summer just barely began -- it's August already and we now have a 5 month old... wow! We have had a very busy, exciting, fun <and so on> summer so far with lots of family parties, trips, weddings, birthdays, and work! Ry is busy working for Sierra Pacific Turf Supply during the week, and on top of that Aptos Mobile Detail landed a contract with San Jose Country Club to do member details on the weekends! I am also busy playing the role of Office Manager and Accountant for Aptos - it's fun, but working from home isn't easy! However, it is getting increasingly easier since Kaylah becomes more independent every day. She loves playing by herself and rolling around in the mornings - which is what she is doing right now! :)

Kaylah is a lucky girl to have so many cousins already - and we are a very proud Auntie and Uncle too! Kaylah has two big cousins - Mylie and Liam - and is now one of the big cousins to Valencia and Kinley! It will be VERY fun to see them all grow up together - we are so excited!

Well, Kaylah's patience on the floor has now run out, so that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed my ramble for the day :)

xoxo - Sarah

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